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When and Where

Key Goals for this Meeting

  1. For ELAG Members to identify local languages required for education in their region, and potential education delivery partners for these languages
  2. For SNOMED International to report on recent SNOMED CT education activities
  3. To get feedback from ELAG members on current education activities



Agenda and Meeting Notes

1Welcome and introductions

2Goals of meeting
3ELAG administration

Topics include:

4Translation and Education Delivery PartnershipsMember ReportsMember Representatives

Each ELAG Member representative will be invited to submit a short report on the following topics PRIOR to the meeting:

  • New or planned SNOMED CT education activities in your region
  • National or region-specific SNOMED CT priorities
  • Feedback on existing SNOMED CT eLearning experiences
  • Course accreditation recommendations for your region
  • Which local languages are required for SNOMED education (to drive adoption of SNOMED CT in your region)?
  • Potential education delivery partners in required languages (e.g. university or other education provider)
5SNOMED International update
  • Education team and workplan
  • Existing course delivery and updates
  • New course development
    • Authoring level 2 course
    • SNOMED CT for clinicians
    • Terminology services certification course
  • Education delivery partnerships
  • Course accreditation activities
6Feedback and discussion