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The Translation User Group is a forum to share expertise, identify best practice, and to provide advice and guidance for all activities related to translation by SNOMED International and Member Countries, with the aim of promoting and supporting the use of SNOMED CT and enhancing interoperability.


The Translation User Group supports the strategic goals of SNOMED International by providing advice on translation activities, more particularly defining the guidelines for the quality assurance of translation and the management of the translation process. The Translation User Group provides a forum to share translation experiences and learn from the SNOMED International community. Specifically, the Translation User Group goals are:

  • To enable SNOMED International to gather input from multiple perspectives about current science and practice related to the terminology translation and to identify best practice in relation to translation practices

  • To provide a forum for the discussion of translation topics related to SNOMED CT, including suggested priorities for translation activities, implementation and deployment best practices, and specification of translation tooling requirements

  • To identify opportunities for SNOMED International to support Members in their translation activities

  • To link with the Member Forum and Advisory Groups to maintain awareness of developments that may have an impact on the translation activities within member countries


User Group Membership

If you wish to become a member of the group, please email

Terms of reference

(can be found here - User Group Administrative Documents)


Ole Kristian Våge

Translation Confluence page

This Confluence page has been developed to provide a central source of documentation and resources related to Translation activities. The content of this page will continue to grow as more content becomes available and is shared by SNOMED International Members

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