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Scope and Purpose

Implemented in laboratory information systems Snomed CT has the potential to guide the internal workflow in laboratories to allow evidence-based decisions on the way to diagnosis, cross-validate results and allow problem-focused access to knowledge resources and decision support algorithms.

To achieve this, every documentation in laboratory needs to be in Snomed CT. The project has a strong focus on providing the vocabulary needed to implement Snomed CT as the primary source of documentation in a Pathology information system. This includes leveraging pre- and postcoordination for documentation and access decision support resources.

Project goals

  • Specimen definition need extension to allow all aspects of specimens to be documented by the clinician (e.g. orientation of excised specimen)

  • Specimen structures need to be addressed (e.g. resection margins, specimen parts originating from grossing or contained in blocks or on slides)

  • Biomarkers are another field that is highly dynamic, and the ontology should provide up-to-date concepts and relationships for antibodies and FISH probes

  • Versioning of external resources like TNM, WHO and scores used for interpretation

Meeting schedule

First meeting - Early 2022 (WATCH THIS SPACE)

Web conferencing details

The Surgical Pathology Workflow Working Group Group has a dedicated Zoom account

The link provides a Zoom discussion forum, which doesn't require a chair/lead person, but provides access to a discussion space. All the functionality is still available, video, scene share. The only limitation is that currently it is not possible to record the calls. If this is required, please contact a member of the SNOMED International staff.

Ways of working

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Group Membership

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Surgical Pathology Workflow Working Group Lead - Thomas Rüdiger, Scott Campbell

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We welcome participation from anyone interested in ensuring that SNOMED CT supports the clinical requirements for electronic documentation and communication of patient care in any setting, focused on pathology and laboratory medicine.

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