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20:00 UTC Wednesday 7 June 2017

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  • Review comments on SNOMED CT ECL v1.3
  • Progress the SNOMED CT Template Syntax

Agenda and Meeting Notes


Welcome, introductions and apologies

Expression Constraint Language v1.3

Refer to

  • Results format for ECL results
  • Comments to be
SNOMED CT Template Syntax

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  • Slot co-dependencies
  • Repeated slot names
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  1. Hi All,

    here are some questions:

    1. to support expression repositories (i.e. where the substrate is dynamic in that expressions could be added), do we need to add the ability to use the ECL to apply constraint operators to post-coordinated expressions, i.e. where a piece of the ECL string is to be interpreted as a SCG expression, e.g. << [ 404684003 | Clinical finding (finding) |: 363698007 |Finding site (attribute)| = 10200004 | Liver structure (body structure) | ]? This would correspond to a DL query.
      This is an example from the Observables project: If there is a property chain COMPONENT o HAS ACTIVE INGR. → COMPONENT then one could (DL) query for Observable:COMPONENT=Drug product but not using ECL as there are no (or very few) Observables with products, only substances.
    2. to support potential expansion of the SNOMED CT logic profile, do we need to extend SCG to support axioms as opposed to only expressions, for example to allow (non-hidden) GCAs to be stated in SCG?
    3. we need an SNOMED CT OWL specification, i.e. how is SNOMED CT (concepts and descriptions) represented in OWL. Is this within the scope of this group?

    ...and this is "thinking out loud" so please do not hesitate to be critical!