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20:00 UTC Wednesday 10 May 2017

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  • Progress the SNOMED CT Template Syntax

Agenda and Meeting Notes


Welcome, introductions and apologies

SNOMED CT ECL UpdatesLinda BirdECL WIP updates -
SNOMED CT Template Syntax

Review WIP document -

Decisions made in London include:

  • Slot names will be used (@name), slot references are out of scope for v1 (no $reference)
  • Slot names must be unique within a template OR Allow slot names to be repeated within a template and interpret this as meaning that the value is the same
    • For next week: Discuss an example in which repeated slot names may be required (e.g. finding and observable)
  • Default cardinality of all slots is [1..*]
  • Exclusive slot ranges will be represented by adding a '>' before the minimum and/or a '<' before the maximum - e.g. [[+int (>#20..<#30)]]
  • No minimum or maximum will be represented by omitting the respective value in the range - e.g. [[+int (#20..)]]
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