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20:00 UTC Wednesday 29 March 2017

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  • Agree upon proposed updates to Query specification reference set
  • Progress SNOMED template syntax

Agenda and Meeting Notes


Welcome, introductions and apologies

Agenda review 
Query specification reference set proposals

See examples discussed below.

Progress SNOMED template syntaxWIP document:
Confirm next meeting date/timeNext meeting to be held at 20:00 UTC on Wednesday 12th April 2017

Query Reference Set - Examples Discussed

Example Instances - Option 1 (Linked on referencedComponentId/expansion set)

 Intensional definition reference set: 

ideffectiveTimeactivemoduleIdrefsetIdreferencedComponentId (expansionId)queryqueryLanguagequerySubstrate (is moduleId enough?)
1201707311M1R1 |My intensional ECL refset|R2 |My first simple expansion|
2201707311M1R1 |My intensional ECL refset|R3 |My other simple expansion< 71388002 |Procedure|
3201801311M1R1 |My intensional ECL refset|Q3 |My third query|

 Expansion history reference set:

ideffectiveTimeactivemoduleIdrefsetIdreferencedComponentId (expansionId)expansionSubstrate (not needed if use effectiveTime and moduleId as leaf module of edition?)
3201707311M1R1 |My intensional ECL refset|R2 |My first simple expansion|
4201801311M1R1 |My intensional ECL refset|R3 |My other simple expansion 
5201807311M1R1 |My intensional ECL refset|R2 |My first simple expansion| 

Example Instances - Option 2 (Linked on intensional queryId)

  Intensional definition reference set:

ideffectiveTimeactivemoduleIdrefsetIdreferencedComponentId (queryId)queryqueryLanguageauthoringSubstrate (is this needed?)
1201707311M1R1 |My intensional ECL refset|Q1 |My first query|
2201707311M1R1 |My intensional ECL refset|Q2 |My second query|< 71388002 |Procedure|
3201801311M1R1 |My intensional ECL refset|Q3 |My third query|

 Expansion history reference set: 

ideffectiveTimeactivemoduleIdrefsetIdreferencedComponentId (expansionId)queryIdexpansionSubstrate (?)
3201707311M1R1 |My first expansion refset|R2 |My first simple refset|Q1 |My first query|
4201801311M1R1 |My second expansion refset|R3 |My second simple refset|Q3 |My third query| 
5201807311M1R1 |My third expansion refset|R2 |My first simple refset|Q3 |My third query|

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  1. Query spec reference set notes:

    1. Spec says "Simple type reference set", but QL will be able to generate much more in output
    2. Spec defines 900000000000513000 |Simple query specification|; maybe we should focus on a ECL-based version (which would exclude non-conceptids in results) since ECL is defined and QL is not?
    3. Note, QL requirements include lexical criteria but ECL does not.
    4. Refset members have meta-data properties like effectiveTime, moduleId; what should these be in for the intensional members?
    5. Which Version should the query be evaluated against?  
  2. I have included the reference set examples that we discussed today during the SLPG meeting (in the meeting agenda above). If there are further comments or thoughts on this, please let me know.