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20:00 UTC Wednesday 1 March 2017

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  • To discuss the April Business Meeting
  • To announce the updates to SLPG pages
  • To briefly discuss proposed new requirements for ECL
  • To progress the SNOMED Template Syntax

Agenda and Meeting Notes


Welcome, introductions and apologies

Review agenda
April Business Meeting

Proposed meeting of SLPG on Wednesday 26th April from 1:30 - 4:30pm

  • Orsi Bali / Brandon Ulrich
  • Brian Carlson
  • ? Harold Solbrig
  • x Alejandro (by phone)
  • x Ed (by phone)
  • x Kurt (by phone)
  • x Michael (by phone)
  • x Rob (by phone)
  • x Daniel (at CMAG)
Updates to SLPG pages

SNOMED CT Computable Languages

Proposed new requirements for ECLSNOMED CT Expression Constraint Language
SNOMED CT Template Syntax

Template Syntax Specification (

  • Examples: 7.1. Simple Replacement Slots
  • Default replacement type will be SCG (i.e. expression)
  • Processing a template will require both syntactic and concept model checking to determine validity of resulting expression
  • If another replacement type is needed (e.g. for DefinitionStatus) then the replacement type must be explicitly stated
  • A replacement type of 'token' was suggested (instead of string) for the DefinitionStatus
  • Other replacement types (e.g. str, int, dec) will be required for concrete values
  • It was proposed that it should be mandatory to include either a 'name' or a 'reference' in a replacement slot
  • Further discussion required on 'join operators' (e.g. "+", ",", "AND", "OR")
Confirm next meeting date/timeNext meeting to be held at 20:00 UTC on Wednesday 15 March 2017

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PNG File snquery.png 2017-Mar-14 by Ed Cheetham
PNG File snquery2.png 2017-Mar-14 by Ed Cheetham

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I've written down some concerns and considerations about the template language in this google doc:


  2. Apologies - wrong place to post this but I was defeated by the 'start a new discussion' workflow...

    I don't know if others have seen this, but I came across today. To me the look-and-feel is similar to the Ontoserver demonstrator Michael shared last year, although I'm sure there are differences. A paper describing its development is here. I know SNOMED International makes the various APG parsers available, but perhaps links to products that allow (limited) testing of expressions/constraints should be also provided.

    Once a set is returned (some example constraints are provided), don't miss the 'show hierarchy' visualisation.


    1. Thanks for drawing our attention to this Ed! Internally, we have been keeping a list of ECL implementations that we are aware of - and we discuss these within our eLearning Implementation Course. However, you make a good point that it would be helpful to make this list of known implementations more public. 

      I will therefore add a list of ECL implementations that we know of to the ECL page in the SLPG space (i.e. SNOMED CT Expression Constraint Language). If anyone knows of any additional implementations, or sees any errors in what I've included, then please let me know so that I can update.

      Thanks again Ed! 


    2. Has anyone been able to get it working?  I only get a 500 error with some stack traces.

  3. Yes. Try one of the examples (by clicking on 'See examples' and then choose one of the 'Try it' buttons), and then click on 'Run'.

    1. I've tried several browsers and all I get is the error message below - nothing to click on (sad)


      1. Thanks Michael

        Concur with the experience you're having (same error report in IE, page not loading in chrome/FF), but did eventually get to the site just by realoading in IE: