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How to see the Applicable Attributes and their Attribute Ranges for a SNOMED CT Domain using the Public MRCM Maintenance Tool. . Tell me more about the Machine Readable Concept Model (MRCM).

Prerequisite steps: See SNOMED CT Domain constraints and Applicable Attributes


Find the desired domain name in the Domain panel of the MRCM Maintenance Tool.

Press the name to change the context of the Applicable Attributes panel to those matching the domain, and also expand the Domain Details sub-panel at the base of the Domain panel. The selected domain name is highlighted.

The Domain Details sub-panel contains:

  • Domain Constraint
  • Parent Domain (sub-domains only)
  • Proximal Primitive Constraint
  • Guide URL
  • Precoordination Domain Template
  • Postcoordination Domain Template

The Applicable Attributes list can be filtered by typing a text pattern into the Filter Attributes... box. As soon as text is entered, the attributes list will update to only show those matching the filter text.

If a sub-domain is selected, the Applicable Attributes results will show all those applicable to its parent domain, however only those applicable to the selected sub-domain will be active in the list.

Any attributes not applicable to the selected sub-domain will be inactive, and moving the cursor onto them will show a symbol, indicating they cannot be viewed for the selected sub-domain.

Find the desired applicable attribute name in the Applicable Attributes panel listing.

Press the name to change the context of the Attribute Range panel to those matching the attribute, and also show the Attribute Details sub-panel at the base of the Applicable Attributes panel. The selected attribute name is highlighted.

The Attribute Details sub-panel shows values for:

  • Grouped
  • Attribute Cardinality
  • Attribute in Group Cardinality
  • Rule Strength
  • Content Type

The Attribute Range panel shows the following details for the selected attribute:

  • Range Constraint
  • Attribute Rule
  • Mandatory
  • Content Type

On selecting an applicable attribute, a search is performed to retrieve all concepts matching the range constraints. After a brief pause (search time depends on the complexity of the search and number of results obtained) the results are presented in a sub-panel at the base of the Attribute Range panel.

The Attribute Details sub-panel can be toggled closed/open when an attribute is selected.

When open, press  on the right of the sub-panel title bar to close the Attribute Details sub-panel.

When closed, press   in the sub-panel title bar to open it.