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How to see SNOMED CT Domain constraints and Applicable Attributes using the Public MRCM Maintenance Tool. Tell me more about the The Machine Readable Concept Model (MRCM).




Press MRCM Browser in the SCT Browser landing page.


Enter the MRCM Maintenance Tool address directly in your web browser (for example from a bookmark).

The MRCM Maintenance Tool opens in a new tab/window (depending on your web browser options), containing:

  • Branding and identity header
  • Context and actions bar
  • Domain panel
  • Applicable Attributes panel
  • Attribute Range panel
  • Copyright notice, help and contact us footer

The header contains site branding and an MRCM version selector to its left (the default selection is the current authoring cycle content, ie the MRCM content for the next SNOMED CT release). To its right is the the authenticated account name, which when pressed expands the header downwards to reveal a Logout link (pressing the account name toggles the link visibility). Follow that link to log out and exit the application (this returns you to the IMS Log in to the International Authoring Platform screen).

Below the header, the context and actions bar runs across the three main content panels. Currently selected items appear to the left of this bar (initially empty when nothing is selected), and a RESET button is available to its right (this clears any selections and initialises the content panels).

The Domain panel shows a nested tree-view listing of SNOMED CT domains. Navigate the tree-view listing to browse the domains.

By default the Applicable Attributes panel shows all available attributes. When an applicable attribute is selected, the Attribute Range panel shows that attribute's range details.

The footer contains a copyright notice, help link (which opens the MRCM Maintenance Tool section of this use guide), and a contact us link (identical to that in the Authoring Platform footer).

Browse older versions of the MRCM

Use the header Version drop-down selector to set the version of MRCM to be browsed.

The SNOMED CT International release versions are shown with the format MAIN/YYY-MM-DD  which is the label of the Snowstorm Terminology Server content branch containing each release. The selection defaults to the most recent version, with options to select previous published versions in chronological order.

The domain names are active - pressing one will change the context of the Applicable Attributes panel to those matching the domain, and also expand the Domain Details sub-panel at the base of the Domain panel.

The Domain Details sub-panel can be toggled closed/open when a domain name is selected.

When open, press on the right of the sub-panel title bar to close the Domain Details sub-panel.

When closed, press in the sub-panel title bar to open it.


The listed domains can be filtered by typing match text into the Filter Domains... text box above the list. Matching begins as soon as the first character is entered, and progressively filters as further characters are entered.

To cancel the domain filtering either delete the entered text, or move the cursor to the far right of the text entry box to reveal an X button, then press the X button to clear the entire text and re-show all domains.

Alternatively, press RESET to the right of the context and actions bar (upper right corner above the three main content panels). Since this action button also clears other selections such as Attributes and Attribute Ranges, a pop-up panel is presented to confirm the request. Press RESET  in the confirmation panel to clear all three content panels back to their initial view state, or press CANCEL  to return to the current view without clearing.