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Purpose: Support full interoperation of observation results (<<363787002|Observable entities| henceforth referred as ‘Observables’) employed in healthcare delivery – laboratory, pathology, genomic, clinical and administrative – between and within all countries worldwide with priority attention to IHTSDO member nations.  


1)compile a pragmatic inventory of Observables in use within healthcare delivery scenarios in those nations

2)systematically extend and apply the SNOMED CT Observables concept model and SNOMED CT content to fully define those concepts and any relevant codes or terminologies identified by those members as required for their national terminology architecture,

3)publish for international use those concept definitions including all relevant SNOMED CT concepts required for those definitions

4)maintain a set of classified (inferred) OWL ontology snapshots of those codes or terminologies specified by members as required for their healthcare delivery system.




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  1. Don Sweete wrote



    The proposal itself is well thought out. The process to move the project forward would require the member countries to specifically support the project as a first step. That would require a letter of support from each of the applicable GA members. Any work on the project would have to be done by the applicable member countries. 

    Once there is a communication as described above then the senior management team can then review the request and provide a briefing note to the board. The briefing note would also have to include the number of potential users, the benefits of such an approach and also the impact on SI. We would require that to be in any formal submission supported by the member countries involved. 

    The board would then review the request and submit it to the full General Assembly for approval. 

    Lastly I should note any deliberations and discussions by the SMT would also look to insure we are in full compliance with the LOINC agreement and that this request does not impact the work being done by the countries working with the UK to develop their own pathology content which may eventually be promoted to SI. 

    If you have any questions I will be around tomorrow morning around 11 at the meetings.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Kind Regards



    Don Sweete | Chief Executive Officer

    SNOMED International
    One Kingdom Street | Paddington Central | London W2 6BD | United Kingdom