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This project will explore options for and impact of transferring and transcoding Evaluation procedures to the Observables. The project will work through a representative sample of Evaluation procedure, provide an Observable representation for each procedure concept, and evaluate the outcome. The project will reuse existing results from the LOINC-SNOMED-linking project where ever possible.


  • Evaluate options and determine impact for classification and for existing coded patient data
  • Propose solution for moving existing concepts in <<386053000 | Evaluation procedure (procedure) | 
  • Make an assessment of the way forward, next steps. Prepare a decision about the transfer.

Relevant Documents

  File Modified
Microsoft Word Document Migration of Evaluation Procedures to Observables Inception-Elaboration_20210416.docx 2021-Apr-16 by James R. Campbell
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet E2O_Phase_1.xlsx 2021-Apr-16 by James R. Campbell