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July 9th 2024 at 2000 UTC

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The SNOMED International Nursing Clinical Reference Group is a community of practice for the clinicians focused on nursing.

The role of all Clinical Reference Groups is to provide a forum to discuss issues, and influence the development and improvement of content in SNOMED CT.

The Nursing Clinical Reference Group has been established to ensure that the requirements of the international nursing community are incorporated into the content of SNOMED CT International Release, and also to support the development of derivative products that will support implementations focused on nursing and nursing documentation.

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Group Membership

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For further information and how you can participate, please contact

Additional information sources

Details of terminologies and classifications in use within nursing click here

Archived documentation

Access to the Confluence site for the Nursing SIG can be found here


We welcome participation from anyone interested in ensuring that SNOMED CT supports the clinical requirements for electronic documentation and communication of patient care in any setting, focused on nursing.

Access to this page, and the discussions page is provided without a requirement for a username and password. To access all other areas of this site you must be logged into Confluence.

If you wish to participate in discussions you must be logged onto Confluence with your username and password.

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Meeting schedule

The SNOMED CT Nursing Clinical Reference Group meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month

Join us on our next call!

Password - 871141

Web conferencing details

For details on available options for web conferencing using Zoom click here

The Nursing Group has a dedicated Zoom account -

Password - 871141

The link provides a Zoom discussion forum, which doesn't require a chair/lead person, but provides access to a discussion space. All the functionality is still available, video, scene share. The only limitation is that currently it is not possible to record the calls. If this is required, please contact a member of the SNOMED International staff.

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Project Groups

ICNP 2019 Alignment Project Group

Confluence link - ICNP 2019 Alignment Project Group


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  1. Nursing CRG meeting 12 January 2021

    This is a reminder that there is a meeting of the Nursing CRG today at 2000 UTC.

    We are delighted that Erica Culp and Christine Spisla have volunteered to take on leadership up the group. They will introduce themselves and there will be a focused discussion on topics the Nursing CRG wants to address. Jane and Ian will provide an update on activities at SNOMED International and other clinical group activities, and there will be an update on ICNP alignment work.

    Look forward to seeing you all later - the dial in details are on front page of Nursing CRG confluence page