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This page is used by SNOMED International Members to share implementation materials relating to the use of SNOMED CT with FHIR.

Members and other organisation who are able to share profiles please do so here by editing the page and adding a file to the appropriate section (or create a new one).  The screenshot below shows the button to use.   If anyone runs into problems doing this, please email your file to and I'll pop it in here.   Thanks!


Australia's National Clinical Terminology Service is based on the FHIR Terminology Subsystem. For details refer to

Resources for Implementers and Developers:

A SNOMED browser that uses only the FHIR Terminology Service APIs: 


Canada has an InfoCentral page that gathers FHIR information which is freely accessible through an account. On that page you can find the link to the FHIR Community that is quite active.

Canada also has a tool called the terminology gateway - a web based solution framework enabling the distribution and sharing of terminology concepts, subsets and concept maps, making them available for web browsing, download or real time query.

Canada Health Infoway has also launched the Canadian FHIR Registry, which is powered by the platform (a web solution built by Furore).

Latin America

A link on the possibilities of HL7 FHIR in Latin America:


Nictiz has a general repository of FHIR STU3 conformance resources, including MedMij and HL7 NL -

The simplifier profiles in this repository are based on the functional models found here:

New Zealand

FHIR terminology resources are available on Valentia SnoChillies terminology Server:

         Value sets

Contact: Abdul Rauf (

NZ FHIR-based Terminology Service API...

Some features and resources can be requested via the Test page at


UK FHIR profiles developed through INTEROpen with input from NHS Digital and the vendor community include:


The program that developed the National Electronic Health Record for Uruguay began in 2017 a FHIR test server in the fields of :

  • e-Receta, using the FHIR resources : Medication , MedicationRequest and MedicationDispense.
  • Dynamic Search for Dictionares and catalogues based on the Uruguayan extension of SNOMED CT, using the resources : CodeSystem and ValueSet  This interface was created using vue.js


NLM resources for FHIR are available through the Value Set Authority Center (VSAC) -

  • Existing FHIR terminology services
      • code systems (SNOMED CT, LOINC, RxNorm + all code systems required to support clinical quality measures in the Meaningful Use incentive program)
        • $lookup
        • $subsumes
      • value sets
        • $expand
        • $validate-code
      • capability statement
      • supported several connectathons
  • Upcoming FHIR terminology services
    • ExpansionProfile
    • ConceptMap

Contact: Maureen Madden (

Other Shared Documents

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  1. To start the ball rolling, I have shared a draft discussion document here, that was completed last year, that proposes

    • (a) an approach to using SNOMED CT to represent the meaning of elements in FHIR resources, and 
    • (b) a process for reviewing SNOMED CT value sets bound to FHIR resources.

    Please feel free to share any other resources or links you have that contribute to the topic of using SNOMED with FHIR.

  2. Also, Australia's National Clinical Terminology Service is based on the FHIR Terminology Subsystem.

    Details can be found here:

  3. Does anyone have Reference Sets and/or FHIR Value Sets containing SCT post-coordinated concepts that they are willing to share with the group?