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The lookup operation is best used to obtain details about a single concept

Expand returns a Valueset Resource (ie a collection of concepts).  This could hat could contain an entire CodeSystem.


See list of FHIR SNOMED CT properties that can be requested for a concept are here.

This includes all descendants of 410662002 |Concept model attribute|.  Note that this would include both defining and non-defining relationships.

IntentionExample URLExpected Result






List of filters used to create implicit Valusets can be found here.

IntentionExample URLExpected Result

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  1. Michael Lawley someone (perhaps you) raised the question of non-defining relationships in ECL.   This has been addressed in the Snowstorm server (see ) so things like the old "Part Of" relationship will be considered when searching.

    Would you agree that non-defining relationships should also be included in the normalForm property shown above here?

  2. Peter G. Williams  could you please provide examples of active non-defining relationships, given that "Part Of" is no longer active?

    1. There are none in the International Edition, Peter Jordan.   So unless another country is making use of them (please step forward!) then this is - for the moment - an entirely academic question.