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The SNOMED on FHIR space supports collaborative work between the SNOMED and HL7 international communities on using SNOMED CT with FHIR.

 Confluence Space - Help and Contact Details

Alas my friends, this will be my last informative blog for some time as I'll be away on holiday for most of August.  However, I have prepared a number of agenda in advance for the SNOMED on FHIR working group, and I'll leave you in the very capable hands of my co-chairs. 2019-07-30 - SNOMED on FHIR Meeting (TS) 2019-08-06 - SNOMED on FHIR Meeting (TB)…
Due to a SNOMED International all-staff meeting (and a couple of holidays from regular members), we will not hold the FHIR Terminology Binding call this week. Calls will resume with Terminology Services next week in the usual slot.
The SNOMED on FHIR working group will meet today, Tuesday 16July at the usual start time of 20:00 UTC for 90 minutes.   Terminology Server (TS) discussion will be lead by Michael Lawley and Peter Jordan.   Please refer to 2019-07-16 - SNOMED on FHIR Meeting (TS) for the meeting agenda.    The zoom link is unchanged     Best Wishes, Peter G. Williams

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