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Thursday 14th December 2017 at 8:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC.

Zoom Meeting Details

To join by computer, tablet or smartphone use this link:

To dial in by phone please refer to the available phone numbers at and use meeting id 387-931-662.

Key Goals for this Meeting

  1. To share SNOMED CT education updates
  2. To gather feedback on SNOMED CT learning pathways
  3. To discuss plans for next year

Attendees - First Meeting (8:00 UTC)

Attendees - Second Meeting (20:00 UTC)

Agenda and Meeting Notes

1Welcome, introductions and apologies

Please update ELAG's Declaration of Interests page. Everyone to please declare any conflicts of interest to this page in the ELAG space.


2Reflections on ELAG work plan 2017Refer to Work Plan 2017

News or updates from ELAG members


Updates from ELAG Member countries on learning initiatives since last meeting.

  • India. Continuously providing training for vendors and hospitals based on their. specific requirements. Workshops at a telemedicine conference (full session on EHR standards including SNOMED CT).
  • Schwitzerland. Promoted the Developers pathway, but not aware of people starting the course... But several organisations was very interested in this course.
  • Sweden. Since Bratislava they have sent invitations out for the courses.
  • Norway. Working on education plan for 2018 - for the coming year this area will have great focus in Norway.
  • Ireland. No new updates, but the links we provide on the Member sharing site is very useful. Also, motivating people to start the foundation course, and planning learning initiatives for the next year.
  • Australia. Webinar delivery and workshop for FHIR and mapping terminology services
  • Uruguay. A focus on Nursing subsets (mapped from NANDA), nursing documents (codifying CDA with SNOMED CT), and devices (based on GMDN)
  • Canada. Education on main terminologies in Canada, education for nurses, and using FHIR with terminologies.


Brief update from SNOMED International

Since Bratislava the team has focused on delivering new documentation.

Decrease in the number of applicants for the Implementation Course

Content Development Theory Course will be revised and improved, and it will therefore not be offered in in January. The next intake will be in May 2018. The course will be renamed to Content Development Course, because it will include more practical topics, focused on authoring extensions. (Feedback from ELAG was generally positive.)

Comment from Linda Parisien:

  • People who have already completed the CDT course might be interested in watching or participating in the new material and exercises.

Translations. Hopeful that we will be able to launch the Spanish foundation course in early 2018. Translation is still in progress (presentations, assessments) - and we still need to settle on the proper processes for maintenance.

Suggestion from Kirstine. Create a link to the .html5 file to allow people who has problems running the flash version to view the presentations on their devices.

Webinars: We are planning to record the summary of presentations and spend more time on discussions during the webinars.

We are working on the scripts for the presentations in the Implementations course, so that students will have both pdf's and scripts available for each presentation.


Gathering feedback on the SNOMED CT Learning Pathways

  • Developers
  • Data Analysts

Linda Bird and ELAG

Developers pathway. Pilot version available with options to provide feedback. We have followed the requests from Bratislava, such as:

  • Information about when presentations have last been updated
  • We have added more textual guidance for the pathway
    • Information for each section about why this overall topic is important for the audience
    • E-Book to supplement the introduction presentation about the objective and content of the pathway
  • Improved navigation - we've created a top menu with easy access to the core courses

Comments from Ian:

  • Is it possible to add a search function to make it easier to find the appropriate presentation.
  • Is it possible to pull the course outlines/metadata out and make visible without requiring an account to the e-learning server. This will be useful to brand the material we have.

It would be a good idea to extend the deadline for the pilot version of the course, as members have just starting advertising the course. We'll extended until February 28 (no attendees objected to this suggestion)

Note that the initial deadline for feedback on the data analyst learning pathway will also be Feb 28.

6Any other business  

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