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Thursday 31st August 2017 at 8:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC.

Zoom Meeting Details

To join by computer, tablet or smartphone use this link:

To dial in by phone please refer to the available phone numbers at and use meeting id 387-931-662.

Key Goals for this Meeting

  1. To share news from Members
  2. To provide an update from SNOMED International
  3. To prepare for ELAG meeting in Bratislava

Attendees - First Meeting (8:00 UTC)

Attendees - Second Meeting (20:00 UTC)

Agenda and Meeting Notes

1Welcome, introductions and apologies


2Conflicts of interest

Refer to Conflicts of interest section in the Advisory Groups Manual and ELAG's Declaration of Interests page.


News and ELAG administration

  • Call for expert nominations and Member updates
  • Meeting in Bratislava in October (
  • Any news or updates from ELAG representatives

Linda Bird and ELAG

Educational updates from Members:

Australia: Holding monthly webinars 2x per month next 3 month intro to SNOMED CT and AMT and third National Clinical Terminology service.

India: NRC continues its work or carrying out workshops and training on SNOMED CT across India. Also providing face-to-face meeting for vendors to assist them in implementing SNOMED CT.

Netherlands: Webinar and work on translation to validation SNOMED CT in a tool used in NL and webinars.

Sweden: Plans to record some presentations with Mikael Nyström.

United Kingdom: Lots of activity with the SCT changes in primary care. NHS Digital has been making video clips, a publication on SCT & DMD was published in a journal, documentation on using SCT in primary care, guidance on how to download files and create queries for analysis (example: Transitive closure table).


SNOMED International update

  • General activities
  • Foundation course
  • Implementation course
  • Content development theory course
  • Open access SNOMED CT learning area
  • SNOMED CT for developers
  • SNOMED CT for data analysts

Eduction & Product Support Team

Questions from Members:

Q: Extensions Practical Guide availability?

A: Linda responded that the guide will ready for review starting in December.

Q: Are we getting more Freshdesk tickets due to Open Access?

A: From Anne's perspective, it seems like most questions are still coming from people registered in one of the courses. Although no formal stats have been generated just yet. Comment that we might need to raise the level of awareness about Open Access.

Q: Will dev course related videos be available to all?

A: Yes b/c they are also published on our YouTube channel -

Q: Is the dev course designed just for developers or might analytics people benefit from watching part(s) of course?

A: Generally speaking, the course was designed with a developers audience in mind.

Q: Status of Clinithink ( SNOMED CT demonstration tool)

A: Tool is available for demo once again. The E&PS Team is currently demoing the tool during Implementation course webinars.

Q: Is the material available in the developers course ready to review now?

A: Yes, most of the material is available to ELAG members now. After Expo will will make more material available. More widely announced at end of year.


October ELAG meeting (Bratislava)

  • Preparation for meeting
  • Education tutorials

Linda Bird and ELAG

6Any other business  

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