A link between a terminology component and an information model artifact.


  • Terminology components include SNOMED CT conceptsexpressions, reference sets, and constraints.
  • Information model artifacts include classes and attributes in reference models for electronic health records and communication specifications.
  • Terminology bindings enables formal specification of rules for:
  • There are two distinct types of terminology binding
  • Terminology binding can also refer to the process of creating and maintaining links between terminology components and information model artifacts.


  • A set of coded values that may be applied to a particular attribute in an information model. The set may be expressed extensionally (by enumeration of the codes) or intensionally (by rules such as expression constraints).
  • The association between a named attribute value in the information model and a specific coded value or expression.
  • A rule that determines the way that a coded expression is constructed, based on multiple attribute values in the information model.

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