terminology binding that represents the clinical meaning of a data item or collection of data items.


  • A meaning binding associates a clinical meaning with either a data entry context or a defined collection of data items in an electronic health record information model.  The clinical meaning of an instance of a data item with a meaning binding is determined by applying the meaning binding to the value or set of values in that instance.

  • SNOMED CT meaning bindings should be represented by expression templates containing one or more template slots that can be replaced by concepts entered or stored in a particular context.


  • An application that manages surgical procedure requests could identify requested procedures using concepts that are subtypes of  387713003 | Surgical procedure| . In this case, the data item in which that concept is recorded should have a meaning binding that explicitly indicates that this is a request for that procedure. The expression template below represents this meaning binding. It indicates that the procedure selected should replace the "@procedure" template slot, resulting in an expression that means procedure has been requested, rather than suggesting incorrectly, that it has been done.
/*  Expression Template  */

400999005 |Procedure requested (situation)| :
363589002 |Associated procedure (attribute)|  = [[ +id < 387713003 |Surgical procedure|  @procedure ]] }

/*  Resulting Expression if "38102005 Cholecystectomy (procedure)" is entered  */ 

400999005 |Procedure requested (situation)| :
363589002 |Associated procedure (attribute)|  =  38102005 |Cholecystectomy (procedure)|  }


    • Semantic binding

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