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Changes to Special Interest Groups

Dear all,
SNOMED International has in the past engaged with clinical groups through the use of Special interest Groups (SIG’s). Currently we have six clinical SIG’s and 2 functional SIG’s. Whilst this has proven effective in the past, it is also an approach that is not saleable. There are a number of issues relating to why this is the case that are detailed in the presentation – The future of SIGs v1.1, available in Documents.

The changes to the way in which we engage with clinicians in the future has been discussed and agreed with both the Management Board and Healthcare Professional Coordination group (HCPG). The overall approach is agreed, but there maybe minor changes in the way we implement these changes following discussions with yourselves.

Fundamentally, the exisiting SIG’s and future clinical groups will adopt an approach of using virtual groups to allow discussion, identification of work priorities and dissemination of documentation. Each group will have its own site on Confluence, which will be able to be accessed through a clinical portal. The sites will be open for anyone to view. however, to partake in the discussion will require a log-in.

The timetable for change is to adopt the new approach from April 2017, when the Confluence sites and clinical portal will be available.

If you have any worries or concerns with regards to the changes, or you have suggestions regarding the way they will be implemented, please contact myself (

Ian Green
Clinical Engagement and Eductaion Business Manager

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  1. Ian,

    Thanks for this post and the powerpoint presentation. Looking at the principles outlines, seems to me that the Anesthesia SIG is by and large already working in this way. Although it is mentioned in the presentation, I think the main reassurance the Anesthesia SIG would require is that as well as our regular GoToMeeting sessions we will be able to continue and have facilities for face to face meetings when required.

    Andrew Norton