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  1. Some examples of enhancements that could be considered in SCT to reflect potential cross-reactivity or common ADRs, or to increase utility and relevance if used in decision support or allergy checking.  These are just a few brief notes and I imagine that other members have more examples.

  2. Hi, I've added some questions or suggestions I had come across whille working on our allergy use-case. I hope it's relevant.

  3. Hi yes these are very relevant in my opinion, thanks.

  4. Dear Marie and David. Thank you for the valuable input. It should be noted that in addition to the redesign of the substance and product hierarchies which should address the issues concerning allergens and pseudoallergens, the allergic and pseudoallergic disposition hierarchies are going to be revised as another project. The concept model for allergic and pseudoallergic dispositions is being updated so that the logical definitions are the same. During the modeling process, issues such as those that are being brought forward in this group will be addressed in collaboration with the SHR group. 

    I am attaching a link to the allergy project as well as a document describing the new allergy model.

    Allergies Project

    Hypersensitivity+allergy modeling guidelines_v2.docx


  5. As discussed in our call today, I've uploaded the NCPCP document on interoperable medication allergy vocabularies, including the suggested starter set of medication allergy classes.