Anesthesia Clinical Reference Group

Time: Tuesday, April 4, 2023 14:30 - 16:30 UTC / 15:30 - 17:30 UK BST / 10:30 - 12:30 ET

Location: Exchange Room, Andaz Liverpool Street, London, UK

April 2023 - SNOMED International Business Meetings

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1Introductions and Apologies


Matters arising from the previous meeting notes

2023-03-28 Anesthesia CRG Meeting
3SNOMED Update


Organisations this group can reach out to:

Patrick McCormick has in the past spoken to American specialist societies in Anaesthesia and has found interest but little concrete engagement. Jane Millar will discuss our list with Ian Green and consider where we can build bridges towards further engagement. There was a general acceptance that it will be easier to build engagement when we have specific projects which require broader clinical input. Grant Forrest noted that AAGBI and RCOA are not coordinating work in this area, which the group regrets. A UK-based project to develop a common "Anaesthetic Chart" has produced a research paper - the preliminary results are due to be presented at SCATA's ASM in Glasgow in June 2023. Workshops held in 2022 co-sponsored by the RCoA and the PRSB failed to produce any tangible outputs, at least so far. This probably reflects the inherent complexity of the care episode, something that SCATA has been mapping out in a series of diagrams, based on the UK National Anaesthesia Record Project.

Review of Prior CRG Work

List of prior work here:

Documents - Anesthesia SIG

Restructuring of Local anesthesia (procedure) hierarchy -

Nerve blocks -

Work on ventilator terms, particularly by Steven Dain , was noted.

Recent work on nerve block nomenclature standardization

Monica Harry noted that terminology related to Nerve Blocks is ripe for review. The difficulty of finding consistent terminology in current practice was noted. Previous discussions in the Anesthesia SIG were noted (inc 2015 document ref artf7623). There is further discussion of this in the paper by El-Boghdadly et al:

Standardizing nomenclature in regional anesthesia: an ASRA-ESRA Delphi consensus study of abdominal wall, paraspinal, and chest wall blocks

Review of Semantic Associations within Anesthesia Terms

Semantic associations between anesthesia SNOMED terms are likely of more importance going forward.  CRG could create an organized plan to review and if necessary amend semantic relationships between key concepts.


  • Difficult intubation & related concepts

Is it worth removing postcoordinated "anesthesia for xxx procedure" terms? Monica Harry will discuss this with Jim Case.

Anesthesia Implementation Guide Discussion

Implementation Guide Template

Related work, suggested by Jane Millar , might be to review the data required to represent a contemporary anesthesia record and check that SNOMED can represent these.

Grant Forrest has shared a brief document outlining relationships between his work with Martin Hurrell on the HL7-FHIR IG for the Intra-operative phase of Anesthesia.

Cancer Synoptic Reporting Group also working on implementation guide

2023-03-06 - Cancer Synoptic Reporting Project Group Meeting

Questions for Anesthesia CRG:

  1. Audience for Implementation Guide
  2. Focus of IG content
  3. Possible Timeline

Jane Millar and Ian Green will review the benefit that an implementation guide and consider whether this is a useful and practical idea. The group noted Peter Williams as one potential contributor to a ppractical discusssion.


Date of next meeting

Tuesday May 23, 2023

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