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1Introductions and Apologies
2Assessment scale modelling

Presentation on deployment of the Glasgow Coma Scale using the observables model in the Nebraska Medicine EHR

Machine Learning and Glasgow Coma Scale.pptx

Jim Campbell gave a very informative presentation on the use of the observables model to codify data for recording the Glasgow Coma Score in Nebraska Medicine EHR. As well as codifying the metadata properties of the observable  concerned (motor, verbal, eye response), the observable value is recorded as an integer.  Clinical recording is informed by a free text value set.  This would appear to be a good way of dealing with assessment scale values that are assigned based on a range of laboratory data (eg serum bilirubin) or clinical measurement (eg blood pressure)

Steven Dain raised a number of points about the recording of clinical descriptors and how neurological findings that equated to clinical points in the scale observable could be recorded for the purpose of a clinical record.  There was agreement that this would be a useful subject for discussion with neurologists and Jane Millar informed the group that there was progress in the formation of a neurology CRG.

The group and Jim Campbell all agreed that the precoordinated Glasgow Coma score findings terms incorporating the summed value were of limited benefit.

We will continue to explore how

The group thanked Jim Campbell for demonstrating a functional way of representing GCS which may be a useful way for SOMED to move forward and agreed that the detailed metadata of the observables model would be beneficial to the development of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare applications.

3ISO19223 ventilator terminology

Review of ventilator modes submission for inclusion in SNOMED CT

Contents of Tables E1 & E2 have now been adapted into SNOMED Content Request Service batch spreadsheet totalling approximately 45 ventilator mode concepts.

APRV, ACAP, Bilevel terms for discussion.
- APRV is difficult to classify, as it could be described by more than one of the existing terms.  Does not appear accurately achievabel by synonyms and will require a few additional terms in the table Andrew Norton will draft suggestions and discuss them with user-619d4.

A number of existing SNOMED terms will be reviewed to ensure that they are specific and relevant.  Andrew Norton and Monica Harry have discussed this offline. A number of old terms may merit retiral.


Matters arising from the previous meeting notes

2021-04-19 Anesthesia CRG at SNOMED Business Meeting

2021-04-20 Anesthesia CRG at SNOMED Business Meeting

Andrew Norton

Review minutes for accuracy.  Some items outstanding are included in the agenda.

The notes of both meetings during the SNOMED Business Meeting were accepted as a satisfactory record.

5SNOMED updates

Jane noted ongoing efforts to promote collaborative working across specialty groups

6Terminology requests following April meetingTerms for left atrial catheter and number of lumens requested.  Discussion of other suggestions from previous meeting was reviewed and agreed
7Any other business

None discussed

Date of next meeting - Tuesday July 27, 2021

This is line with the usual schedule of 4th Tuesday alternate months

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