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Matters arising from the previous meeting notes

2021-03-23 Anesthesia CRG Meeting

3Anesthesia CRG backgroundAndrew Norton

 Overview and purpose of the Anesthesia CRG for guests and new members.  The presentation focussed on development of anesthesia SNOMED CT content over time and the current and recent activities of the CRG.  There was discussion as to how subjects came to be the focus of activity for the CRG

Anesthesia CRG April 2021.pptx

4HL7 Anesthesia SIG and Domain analysis model for anesthesiaMartin Hurrell

Overview of work for new members and guests - Special Interest Group, Domain Analysis Models for preoperative assessment and intraoperative anesthesia.  

Martin Hurrell discussed the structure, content and development of the Intraoperative DAM within HL7 and the recent merger with the Devices SIG

SNOMED CRG Presentation - Draft Revision v1.pptx

5SNOMED updatesMonica HarryAgenda 20/04/21
6New terminology requestsSteven Dainitem not reached at previous meeting. On agenda 20/04/21   Requests and comments from Steven Dain on SNOMED content.docx
7ISO 19223 mechanical ventilation terminology
Agenda 20/04.21
8Assessment scale modelling

Anesthesia Ordinal Scales.pptx

Modelling of Assessment Scales in SNOMED CT (1) - Copy.docx

Some background was given to the meeting on the inconsistency of assessment scales within SNOMED.  The summary and key recommendations of the Anesthesia CRG position paper for the Editorial Advisory Group were summarised.  An attempt was made to explain the planned use of the observable entity and qualifier value hierarchy for populating ordinal scale values. Draft content for the Mallampati scale points was shown and key issues around implementation in systems, decision support and information for clinicians were discussed. A number of attendees from differing groups and clinical backgrounds had a common thread of comment in that why were these clinical concepts not being treated as clinical findings, given that many represent a distinct clinical finding as well as a point in an assessment scale. 

Date of next meeting - Tomorrow April 20, 2021

2021-04-20 Anesthesia CRG at SNOMED Business Meeting

 carry forward items not reached on today's agenda 

the meeting publicised the  session for clinicians on 22nd April April Business meeting - Clinical session.pptx

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