This page documents resources, links, and other information to support the IHTSDO Mapping Tool. 

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Use this Training Template for the tour/videos pages (REMOVE this note later)

  • General Training
    • Logging in, header and footer
    • Logging in as guest, viewing map project info, searching map records, viewing map concept with history
  • Specialist Role Training
    • Assigning, unassigning work - each tab and each "state" of assigned work
    • Editing a map record (e.g. mapRecord.html)
    • Adding feedback, viewing feedback conversations, searching feedback
    • Index viewer
  • Lead Role Training
    • Assigning to another specialist, handling conflicts and review work
    • Conflict analysis (for non-legacy path and for review path)
    • Editing mapping project metadata
    • Reports - viewing, generating, exporting
    • QA checks - generating, putting into workflow, etc.
  • Admin Role
    • Creating and configuring a new map project
    • Editing top level map project metadata (e.g. adding/removing/changing and advice)
    • Creating and editing report definitions and QA checks


Training Videos

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