Documentation on REST Clients.


Currently there are not Java clients implemented for the REST services but this would be a fairly straightforward thing to do.  The advantage of having a Java client is that integration tests can easily be run in the dev enviornment against a deployment with known data contents.  This would be the basis for full and comprehensive integration testing.

Here is a simple example of a client method that could call the Content REST Service for finding concepts by a query.  This full example includes support for post request and reading the object back and unmarshalling it back into an object.   In this case the "Utility" is a class that converts a string representation into an object graph using JAXB unmarshalling (with the jackson API for JSON support) - NOTE: this class is not part of the distribution but could be easily implemented.

  public SearchResultList findConceptsForQuery(String terminology,
    String version, String searchString, PfsParameterJpa pfs, String authToken)
    throws Exception {
    Client client = Client.create();
    WebResource resource =
        client.resource(config.getProperty("base.url") + "/content/concepts/"
            + terminology + "/" + version + "/query/" + searchString);
    String pfsString =
        (pfs != null ? ConfigUtility.getStringForGraph(pfs) : null);
    ClientResponse response =
            .header("Authorization", authToken)
            .header("Content-type", MediaType.APPLICATION_XML)
            .post(ClientResponse.class, pfsString);
    String resultString = response.getEntity(String.class);
    if (response.getClientResponseStatus().getFamily() == Family.SUCCESSFUL) {
    } else {
      throw new Exception(resultString);
    // converting to object
    SearchResultListJpa list =
        (SearchResultListJpa) Utility.getGraphForString(resultString,
    return list;
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