January 2018 meeting

I would like to schedule a teleconference for January 23, 2018.  I have all the ducks arranged in rows to proceed with a construction project the organism hierarchy.  Please see the "Meeting Information" page for details.


July Meeting?

I thought I'd update you concerning project related activities.  I'm personally pleased to tell you that I've been given access to the IHTSDO / SNOMED CT authoring tool.  This is an important step towards our making substantive changes in the organism hierarchy.  I'm afraid that progress will still be slow unless organism content becomes a SNOMED priority.  I have much to learn and the projects, while relatively small, are time consuming.  There's also documentation required and approval that needs to be sought.  It's also true that the "organism life-cycle stages project," already approved for construction (IHTSDO-455) that I need to complete before starting on the deliverables.  Also, I need to turn our deliverables into documents for approval before construction can begin.  

SO, I don't have agenda items for a July meeting but have no objection to holding one.  For my part, I don't wish to waste your time having meetings just to have meetings.   On the other hand, if you would like to suggest agenda items I'd be happy to arrange a teleconference for OIDM in July.  

I will continue to report my progress here and bring appropriate discussions to you as they arise.  At minimum, I will try to let you know whether there will be a meeting in advance of each month's regular date (4th Tuesday).  


Jeff Wilcke

Shall we meet?

I was expecting to reconvene this Project Group at the end of the first quarter of 2017.  Creating the deliverables took a good bit longer than I had anticipated, but I think they are ready for discussion and for moving them on to some sort of action.

To return to something like our previous schedule, I would suggest Tuesday, May 23 at 20:00 UTC.  Anyone interested?  Please contact me through this space Jeff Wilcke or email me directly




GoToMeeting - not so much

My usual routine did not result in the creation of a meeting space today.  It may be something I did not know and it may be system error.  I have contacted the mother ship for further instructions.  I will let you know when I learn something.

Apologies!  (sad)  Perhaps we could take the online discussion about Salmonella a bit further while I track down conferencing details?

May 24 OIDMPG Teleconference

Most progress this past year has resulted from decisions related to user requests for organism content.  I'm not aware of any recent requests, so I suggest we turn to unresolved issues that followed us from Collabnet.   I've created several sub-projects based on outstanding issues and would simply like to get confirmation from you that I should proceed to draft the formal documents required to formally create projects.

News: the Organism Life-Cycle stage project is approved for construction phase.  

May teleconference

As I was trying to decide what our April agenda would be, I noticed that I had reserved April for a possible face-to-face associated with the business meeting.  Although such a meeting seems unlikely at this time, I think it best to leave the posted schedule as is.   In the mean time, I will continue to refine the recently created sub-projects (see the OIDM Space "Page Tree").  Essentially these are outstanding issues that remain for the OIDM project.  If there are outstanding issues that I have missed please let me know.  Unless we receive content requests to review or an issue is raised by another project, I would suggest that the May meeting agenda will be to review these sub-projects and prioritize them.  The next teleconference on our recurring schedule is May 24 at 20:00 UTC.   Watch this space.  (smile)