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Welcome to the IHTSDO Organism & Infectious Disease Model (OIDM) Project Space

 Please note that this Project Group has now closed.

This project is focused primarily on improving content of the Organism hierarchy of SNOMED CT to support three distinct but interconnected user needs:

  1. Laboratory reporting

  2. Public health / epidemiology

  3. Logical definitions of infectious diseases

The OIDM Project Space is the primary means for communication with and among the members of the OIDM Project Group.


  1.  Develop / enhance the model for living organisms
    1.  General model
      1. Attributes
      2. Attribute values
    2. Specializations required for various organism categories
  2. Identify consequences of modeling decisions on hierarchies for which organisms provide definitional content.
    1. Findings and disorders
    2. Procedures
    3. Substances
  3. Guide decisions made IHTSDO editors
    1. SIRS requests
    2. Requests related to other content areas

Applicable IHTSDO procedures

Individual requests and editorial initiatives (models, styles etc.) require evaluation.  From time to time the group will be asked to:
  1. identify the impact to existing implementers and confirm priority,
  2. estimate editorial requirements to address recommendations (including cost estimates),
  3. communicate decisions to appropriate IHTSDO committees and users,
  4. communicate with other PGs sharing interest in the organism hierarchy.

Foundation Documents (historical)

2013 Scope Statement

Project elaboration document

(February 2014 edition)

IHTSDO, Group and Confluence Participation Information

General Information

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  • If you have a confluence account please contact Jeff Wilcke or IHTSDO staff members in the group to request membership.

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