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Dear all, 

The Production release of the January 2019 General Practitioner/Family Practitioner (GP/FP) SNOMED CT® Reference Sets and SNOMED CT® to ICPC-2 Map package is now available, from the MLDS distribution site.

This package may be distributed to Affiliate Licensees and third parties at any time, within the relevant licensing restrictions.  The Production release of the GP/FP SNOMED CT® Reference Sets and SNOMED CT® to ICPC-2 Map package is dependent upon, and should therefore be consumed in conjunction with the January 2019 SNOMED CT® International Edition. 

All files distributed are available from the  “January 2019 v1.0” version in the “GP/FP SNOMED CT Refset and SNOMED CT to ICPC2 Map package - SNOMED International” project, which can be found on the “SNOMED Releases” page in MLDS, accessed here:

The GP/FP SNOMED CT® Reference Sets and SNOMED CT® to ICPC-2 Map package contains SNOMED CT files in Release Format 2 (RF2) only, distributed in a zipped file archive:


The Release Notes have been separated from the release package, and so can be downloaded as distinct pdf files from the same MLDS release version:

  • doc_SnomedCT-GPFP-Production-ReleaseNotes_Current-en-US_INT_20190131.pdf
  • doc_SnomedCT-ICPC2-Production-ReleaseNotes_Current-en-US_INT_20190131.pdf

The Release Notes can also be accessed online from the following pages:

Those Members using MLDS as their distribution site will find that their affiliates have access to the new release automatically.

Please note:  SNOMED International have undertaken a review of a number of the derivative products over the past 18 months (including the GP/FP refset and the map to ICPC-2), in order to gather updated requirements and evidence of usage. This has included reaching out to Members, clinical groups, other stakeholders as well as those who have downloaded either the GP/FP refset or the map to ICPC-2, and we were unable to find anyone who is using the SNOMED CT to ICPC-2 map.  In addition, in discussions with WONCA, they have confirmed that ICPC-2 is no longer being maintained by them as they are now focusing on producing and releasing ICPC-3.  They see no use case for maintaining the current mapping and have recommended that this January 2019 release should be the last one.

On the basis of these discussions and investigations, a proposal has been put forward to deprecate the SNOMED CT to ICPC-2 map after this January 2019 release, and SNOMED International will shortly be pushing this through the formal deprecation process.

If you have any concerns about this because you have a use case that needs to be met, we would like to hear from you urgently at with “Deprecation proposal for the SNOMED CT® to ICPC-2 Map package” in the subject line. 

If you have any other questions about the January 2019 GP/FP SNOMED CT® Reference Sets and SNOMED CT® to ICPC-2 Map package, or have difficulties downloading the files from the distribution site, please contact SNOMED International at with “January 2019 GP/FP SNOMED CT® Reference Sets and SNOMED CT® to ICPC-2 Map package release question” in the subject line.   


Kind regards, 

Andrew Atkinson  |  Release Manager 

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