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20:00 UTC on Tuesday 3 July 2018 - 90 minutes.


  • Bindings to FHIR Clinical Resources (e.g. value set bindings)

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Phone: See for available phone numbers (meeting id 242-348-6949)

Chat: #snomed-on-fhir

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1Welcome and introductions5

Recording + Notes.

Inclusion of HL7 (Rob Hausam) and SI (Jane Millar) working group representatives.

Swapping weeks when missing a week eg July 24.

Face to Face slot at the Vancouver Business Meeting (as well as an Expo slot).

2Abstract for Expo Presentation5
  • Check slot for Jeremy's presentation.
  • Check timing for working meeting possibly after presentations.

Summary of previous week

4Medication Resource75

Also available

Note: Original presentation including options for dealing with Code vs deconstructed fields: SNOMED on FHIR Meeting (20171017).pptx


  • Usual issue with possible contradiction between elements eg "Code" (which could include the form) and the form element itself.
  • Question of repeat prescription / dispense (Note UK does not allow "partial fills")
  • Peter G. Williams create confluence page to take notes on specific fields.
  • Peter G. Williams work up example of medication fields being used to populate a post coordinated expression.
  • @Peter Sergent to follow up on MedicationAdministration - will it move to use the new complex "Dosage" datatype? Update: Administration is a single instance of medication rather than a regime, so is not using dosage.
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Tuesday 17 July 2018

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