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13:00 UTC on Wednesday 11 April 2018 - 90 minutes.


  • Updates from Members, Vendors and Others

Meeting Details

Face to Face: Canterbury room, Amba Charing Cross Hotel

Local Time (BST): 14:00 - 17:00, break 15:00 - 15:30


Phone: See for available phone numbers (meeting id 242-348-6949)

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Discussion items

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OwnerNotes & Actions


Review of Agenda


Recording + Notes.


Update from Countries


Countries who have made progress with, or have plans for a FHIR Implementation this year. 8 x 4 minutes each to answer:

  • Where are you with your FHIR Implementation (or progress since October)
  • What do you want to get out of these meetings?
CountryRepresentativeFurther Reading
ArgentinaAlejandro Lopez Osornio
AustraliaDion McMurtrieIntegration with Medcin / AMT
CanadaLinda ParisienCondition Resource
Denmark, IndiaNot represented
New ZealandPeter Jordan
Netherlands, NorwayNot represented
SpainArturo Romero Gutiérrez
SwedenDaniel Karlsson
SwitzerlandJuerg Bleuer
Singapore, Uruguay, US Not represented
UKSee agenda item 3
3Presentation from NHS Digital30
  • Introduction to FHIR Curation: 5 mins - Munish Johkhani
  • FHIR resources & SNOMED CT bindings covered by FHIR curation - 10 mins - Andrew Perry
  • Clinical challenges/Issues not addressed by FHIR & SNOMED CT - 10 mins - Jeremy Rogers / Jay Kola
  • Questions & Discussion - 5 mins
4Plan for discussion5

Discuss structure of meeting for after the break.

1 hours available - what does each stream want to get out of that time?

Are there items of common interest?

530 Minute Break 15:00 - 15:30
6Updates from Vendors20

5 x 4 minutes each to answer:

  • What is your company, and role within it?
  • What is your company's intended use of FHIR?
  • What are you looking to get out of these meetings?
  • What can you contribute to these meetings?
CompanyRepresentativeFurther Reading
CiitizenBrian Carlsen
CSIROMichael Lawley
IMOCarmela Couderc
West Coast InformaticsJesse Efron

Rob Hausam

  • FHIR ballot status
  • Questions from Grahame
    • Links to the SNOMED browser for terms not in the International Edition?
    • New page summarizing the mappings from the external spec to FHIR - design input?
SIPeter G. Williams
7Terminology Services< 30
  • Peter G. Williams Add link to NNF Definition into Using SNOMED with FHIR for properties. Note that this only applies to RF2, not expressions.
  • Peter G. Williams Add in link to Refset Metadata discussion.
  • Peter G. Williams Create secondary list of completed items, also add "Country Update" slot to weekly meeting.

LindaP suggested detecting "like - implementations" for cross comparison.

8Terminology Binding30
  • Production of ValueSets
  • Peter G. Williams follow up with NHS Digital on sharing resources, also presentation slide deck.
9SNOMED with FHIRIf time allows Using SNOMED CT with FHIR

  • Normative status for the page? Process questions if we are able to / do take this normative.


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