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Hi all,

Please see two new briefing notes located: 2023 Informational Content Briefing Notes

  • Role grouping policy for observables
    • The purpose of this briefing note is to inform the Member Forum, Editorial Advisory Group, Content Managers Advisory Group, and Clinical Leads Group of the plan to change the role grouping policy for observables. 
    • Comments on this plan should be submitted to Yongsheng Gao ( or by 29 Feb 2024.
  • Inactivation of the Navigational Concept hierarchy
    • The purpose of this briefing note is to inform the SNOMED International Community of Practice and select Advisory Groups and Project Groups of the intention to inactivate the Navigational concept hierarchy (<<363743006 |Navigational concept (navigational concept)|) which consists of 634 concepts that have been placed in this hierarchy due to their inability to be defined or to present a universally understood meaning, thus violating the Understandability, Reproducibility, and Useability standards for SNOMED CT.
    • Comments on this plan may be submitted to

In addition, just a reminder to check to check the CMAG Action List for other items requiring attention. 

Kind regards,

Cathy Richardson

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