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Body structure concepts that specify male or female in descriptions and that are not unique to a specific gender (e.g. male/female breast) are to be considered for inactivation. The concepts modeled by these structures are also to be inactivated. It is proposed that the work for this update begins with the anatomy content for subtypes of 76752008|Breast structure (body structure)|. 

Please see the attached briefing note for more information. 

Comments on the proposal to be submitted to Maria Braithwaite ( or by 26 August 2023.

Please note Version 2 of this briefing note was attached 2nd August 2023. Version 1 has been removed. The updated version has the word 'gender' removed and replaced by 'sex'.

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Final outcome: 

Changes are planned for implementation however timing is yet to be confirmed. This is due to the impact on the UK extension. The early visibility page will be updated when timing information is available. 

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