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Hi all,

The SNOMED CT Languages Project Group will not be meeting this week. If you are able, please use the time to review the WIP Practical Guide to Postcoordination which is ready for the internal review by our group.

Kind regards,

Kai Kewley

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  1. Hi Kai, Anne

    Can we ensure that the in-line comments we have made on this draft don't get lost during its subsequent revision. It will be hard to ensure traceability between comments and changes if the comments get deleted in the process.



    1. Kai Kewley AUTHOR

      Hi Ed,

      I have also noticed that comments can be lost when editing the document to resolve the feedback. I can assure you that we are not discarding any comments without either replying to them or integrating their suggested change into the document.

      I appreciate that it's nice to be notified when your comment is resolved because if you provide a lot of feedback it's not practical to remember all the suggestions you have made. Sometimes a text change means that the words that the comment was attached to are no longer there; in that case Confluence seems to remove the comment, which is not very helpful. I think we may need to mark a comment as resolved before editing the document to ensure that a notification is always sent.

      Watchers of the space should also receive an email notification for any comments made by others. By default users do not get an email record of their own comments, but this can be enabled in your confluence settings under Settings > Email Settings > Notify on my actions. It's not ideal to have to rely on emails but this may be useful to some.

      Thanks for bringing this up Ed!

      Anne Randorff Højen if a comment results in document changes, rather than a reply, could we mark the comment as resolved before making the change to ensure people providing feedback get notified? What do you think?

      1. Thanks Kai - really helpful.