Dear all,

The 2022 Production release of the SNOMED CT ICNP Nursing Practice Refset package is now available from the MLDS distribution site.  This release is dependent upon, and should therefore be consumed in conjunction with the July 2022 SNOMED CT International Edition.

Please see the original public announcement for full details of the collaboration:

All files distributed for this release are available from the “July 2022 PRODUCTION Release v1.0” version in the “SNOMED CT International Classification of Nursing Practice (ICNP) packages” project, which can be found on the “SNOMED Releases” page in MLDS, accessed here (please ensure that you login to MLDS first): 

The SNOMED CT ICNP Nursing Practice Refset release is distributed in a zipped archive file in the official RF2 format as follows:


In line with the SNOMED International packaging guidelines, the Release Notes have been separated from the release package, and so can be downloaded as distinct files from the same MLDS release version.  The Release Notes can also be accessed online:

Those Members using MLDS as their distribution site will find that their affiliates have access to the new release automatically.

If you have any questions about the first Production release, or have difficulties downloading the files, please contact SNOMED International at with “July 2022 SNOMED CT ICNP Nursing Practice Refset Production release question” in the subject line.

Kind regards, 

Andrew Atkinson  |  Release Manager

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