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This area of the hierarchy is under review in an effort to distinguish between procedures i.e. one time occurrence vs multiple occurrences over time whether continuous or intermittent. Please review the xls here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u9WAEIoqvzn0_dmrSTvgW8QI6W0D_O9cp452TkMwayI/edit?usp=sharing and add your comments to the appropriate column or add a column. We hope to discuss these and reach final conclusion at the April business meeting. 

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Monica Harry

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  1. Hi Monica, just to reiterate my comments from Monday - the patient-ventilator interaction can be thought of as a feedback loop. Settings/actions/prescriptions are made and adjusted in real time and the outcome of those settings and adjustments are measured and monitored as observations, both clinical (e.g. effort, skin changes) and from the ventilator itself and associated sensors. From a record-keeping perspective, the data is usually presented as a time-axis chart. Adjustments to therapy in the form of changes to settings, position (e.g. prone) and other airway interventions are accompanied by some form of assessment - did the change in settings/therapy achieve the desired effect, was there no change, or did the condition worsen.
    I hope that helps.