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The concept 704497002 |Uses British sign language interpreter (finding)| has been raised for inactivation at the international level. Prior to proceeding with this we are looking for the need for this concept outside of the UK. Would you please advise if British sign language is used in your country.

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  1. Hi Päivi PiirainenCamilla Wiberg DanielsenOlivier BodenreiderElze de GrootLinda ParisienJostein VenElizabeth Tanya AntounKatrien Scheerlinck. Just looking to confirm if this concept is used in your respective countries. Thank you, Cathy

    1. We may want to use it as members of the deaf community travel and could find themselves needing a British sign language interpreter in New Zealand. 

  2. To our knowledge the concept is not in use in Sweden. 

  3. Will there be a generic replacement concept? e.g. "Uses sign language interpreter" (Though, I think "requires" may be a better term than "uses").

    Each country can have their local variant under this if required. And some international operability still supported by this common ancestor.

  4. Do not believe this is in use in Denmark.

  5. We do not use this concept in Belgium. I also follow Matt Cordell in this. Creating a more general concept would be helpfull 

  6. In the Netherlands we have not bothered to translate this concept. I suppose there may be British people who use sign language and live in the Netherlands, but I imagine they'd have trouble finding an interpreter. A general concept would indeed be much more useful.

  7. I would agree with Matt Cordellidea to create a generic "Requires sign language Interpreter" at the international level and inactivate or demote 704497002 |Uses British sign language interpreter (finding)| .

  8. I don't believe this is in use in Canada. I like Matt's suggestion to create a generic concept.