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I'm wondering if other countries have guidelines for brand names in FSN?

We more and more can't avoid the use of brand names in FSN, especially in lab domain. For example a KC type analyzer can give slightly different results depending on the brand used. 

Our guidelines state not to use brand names in FSN, but I think we will come to exceptions on that guideline. I also read that Snomed Int will add vaccination brands to SNOMED (janssen&janssen, pfizer, astrazenica etc).

How do other countries deal with this?

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  1. Hi Elze,

    Just to clarify, there is an active group working towards creation of concepts that include brand names for SARS-CoV-2 vaccines in the Community Content area; however, there is no plan to include brand names for vaccines or medicinal products in the International Release. (Anyone interested in participating in the group should contact Rory Davidson or Monica Harry.)

    For medicinal products, we do expect members will create concepts that include brand names in their national extension if needed to support their use cases.


  2. In UK, we are sometimes asked to author for example procedures that include a brand name of a device used. However we follow editorial policy on this and do not add concepts with brand names - we try to work with requestor to reword the description so that the brand name is not included and if it is not possible, we would not author it.