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20:00 UTC on Tuesday 6 October 2020 - 90 minutes.   


  • FHIR Terminology Services and Resources

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Phone: See for available phone numbers (meeting id 242-348-6949) # snomed-hl7-fhir (ask for invite!)

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1Welcome and introductions2

Recording, notes & attendance.

2Summary of previous week and previous fortnight5
3Other Meetings10

Upcoming events:

SI Business + Expo October Lisbon. Confirmed fully virtual event. SNOMED on FHIR Presentation Thursday 09:30 UTC + usual call on Tuesday 6 October.

FHIR North: Canada's FHIR Conference. October 14 15, 2020

November FHIRLY Dev Days - also virtual.

Jan 2021 HL7 Workgroup Meetings 25 - 29 (virtual) & 13 - 15 Connectathon

4HL7 Update15

Update on in-flight work in HL7 groups including "R4B" release.  See ongoing discussion.

Initial Balloting - January for Q2 publication.

R5 Initial ballot (for comment, scope confirmation) in May 2021.   Note Concept Map has dropped in maturity due to ongoing changes.  Further ballots September (Nov/Dec) with a view to publishing Q2 2022.

5Round table update60ALL

Updates from any / all present on what FHIR + SNOMED deliverables have been completed this year and what is planned for the next year.

Daniel K - work initiated to develop base profiles + Nordic collaboration, administrative focus.  Now restarting after disruption.

Michael Lawley - See Post Coordination Support presentation in the Expo.  Friday 08:30 UTC.   FHIR Analytics with Pathling goal of native analytics with strong terminology support ie SNOMED.  Uses Sparc + Ontoserver.  Additional: SNOMED ValueSet support in Synthea was contributed by my team at CSIRO with contributions from Kathryn Bird (tag Linda Bird (smile) )

Andrea Maclean - In Canada, hosting FHIR North (virtually) this year and registration is open if anyone is interested. Here is the link to the sessions.

Andrew Kanter - IMO COVID-19 Reporting inc co-morbidities with OHIE and WHO re: case reporting. WHO pushing ICD-11, but working to include SNOMED. (question to Suzy Roy on expansion of GPS for wider case reporting)

Andrew Perry - NHS Programme "Care Connect" defines profiles & binding eg Pharmacy → General Practice, annual flu programme and urgent supply of medicines hoping to role out this year. 

Anne H - Terminology Services Certification Course available as of today.

Arturo G - observing.

Dion M - Looking at medication resources around IDMP

Ingrid Mertens (NRC) - Belgium have decided to use FHIR, early days yet.  Lots of interest in ValueSets; mix of SNOMED and LOINC

Jim Case - Participating on SNOMED on FHIR calls.

Jeff Pierson - IMO, covered by Andrew

Jeremy R - NHS has a terminology server, J looking at importing legacy coding system and is hitting limitations on the existing Resources, particularly problems with Maps to ICD.

John Snyder (NRC) - 

John Zammit - SNOMED International Tooling Showcase Tutorial including Snowstorm and FHIR APIs.  15:30 UTC  Friday. 

Kai Kewley - Analytics Demo, new Synthea feature where FHIR patient populations can be defined with SNOMED ECL, has been testing out Pathling from CSIRO, started intetration with analytics tool.  Patient + Condition, Procedure, etc

Karim - developed profiles for requesting and reporting in pathology (blood sciences) to replace legacy messaging spec using SNOMED.   Planning to test and role out in 3 phases.

Kerli Linna - Estonia EHR changing from CTA to FHIR to exchange data between health care providers and national centre.  Mapping between existing architecture and FHIR.   Next year profiling for new messages.

Patrick McL US NRC NLM - supporting intensional valueset.  ECQM programme.

Peter Hendler - Improvements to Analytics Demo: You can now put a SNOMED ECL statement instead of a single SNOMED code. Then Synthea will generate an entire population of patients all packaged in FHIR. Either a separate file for each patient or a huge file containing all the patients.

Philip Chang - US NRC NLM Have been working on a previous version of FHIR Spec so now moving to newer version.

Ronald C - Uni of Amsterdam re-branding teaching, students working with FHIR services.  Planning 2 day connectathon to test inter-app communication.

Suzy R - GPS file just published also IPS (combining HL7 + European) both in RF2 as well as flat file format.

Yong G - Observing.

Peter W - Hoping to polish up the Snowstorm FHIR API relating to the Medication Resource.   Also put some time into the IG and implement URI de-referencing for SCTIDs from any known edition and also respond appropriately to headers indicating FHIR or human readable usage.

6Suggestions / Comments / Further Work

Implementation Guide:   built at   when will it be good enough?  This SNOMED on FHIR group will be responsible for this work and ongoing maintenance.

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