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Clone the Github repository to the directory created to hold the code.

Clone the mapping tool data project (e.g. to the directory created to hold your data files. You'll need an account on for this - contact for an account.

Step 3 - Build project

Build all project modules with "mvn clean install" at the top level - either through Eclipse or via the command line.


Code Block
CREATE database mappingservicedb CHARACTER SET utf8 default collate utf8_unicode_ci;


Step 7 - Load data

Run the admin loader script for your platform.  In your config/src/main/resources/bin directory there will be a handy loader script that sets up a basic dev environment based on the data provided from the "mapping-service-data" CollabNet project.

  • Edit the file to set the MAPPING_CODE, MAPPING_CONFIG, and MAPPING_DATA properties
  • Run appropriate script for your platform (only one will be available, depending on the configuration settings you unpacked in Step 4).
    • load.bat - for Windows
    • - for Unix/Linux/Mac

NOTE: if re-running this, you first have to run the sql in "truncate_all.sql" to clear your database of tables.

Download and unpack the data file ( into your data directory (e.g. c:/mapping/data):