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How to promote a batch task (one with SAC/AAG gateway controls, created from a batch upload) to include its changes in the parent project. This is an extension of the simpler promotion process for non-complex tasks.

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Batch upload tasks are identified as such during the upload and task creation process. When identified as a batch task, the Batch  label appears in the upper-right of the Task View - Task Details panel.

The batch task identification activates the task-level Service Acceptance Criteria (SAC) item Validation Report Clean  which is defined within the parent project SAC configuration, as a mandatory manual acceptance item.

titleAdditional SAC already defined for tasks within the project
If any other Task-level SAC are defined for the project, these are also presented as described for Complex tasks.

Manual SAC are presented initially as open checkboxes, each of which can be interactively checked (green-ticked) when the user's role-based access permissions match those configured for that SAC control.

Until all mandatory task-level SAC are met, task promotion will be blocked and Promote This Task to the Project  in the Task View - Task Details panel actions button list will not be enabled.

titleValidation Report Clean must be satisfied to allow batch task promotion
For batch tasks this means as a minimum {{Validation Report Clean}} must be interactively checked (green-ticket) before the task can be promoted.

titleRole-based access controls apply to manual task-level SAC

If the user's authenticated account session roles do not include edit permissions for the task (such as when viewing another author's task), the current manual SAC status will be shown, but cannot be set.

Press the Validation Report Clean manual SAC checkbox to toggle its status. It will show a green ticked box when checked, indicating its condition is met.

When all mandatory task-level SAC conditions are met for the batch task then promotion is enabled and both Promote This Task to the Project  and Begin Promotion Automation  in the Task View - Task Details action buttons list become active.

Once task promotion is enabled, follow the non-complex task steps (included below) to complete promotion of the task. Although the screenshots show simple tasks without the Batch  label or task-level SAC, the steps to promote once it is enabled are the same for all tasks. 

Excerpt Include
Promote my (non-complex) task changes to their parent project (share with other authors)
Promote my (non-complex) task changes to their parent project (share with other authors)