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Dial +1 (872) 240-3212
Access Code: 374-912-925
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AG Members


  • Penni Hernandez
  • Emma Meluish
  • Simon Harry
  • Yongsheng Gao
  • Monica Harry



  • Gain consensus on revised proposal to add lateralized content to the International release

Discussion items

1Call to order and role callJCA

The meeting was called to order at 11:05 am PDT. Keith Campbell sent apologies due to a standing conflict with this time. We will consider an alternate time for future meetings.


2Approval of prior minutesJCANo comments from the Advisory Group.
  • Approve minutes from 4/4/2016
  • Approve minutes from 4/19/2016
3Continuation of Laterality proposalJCA

If agreed, need to develop communication plan and schedule the work over the next several editing cycles.


4Allergy to XBGOTesting of alternative model for representation of "Allergy to X" 
5Requirement for description matching FSN in MRCMJCA

Summary of previous discussion: (see 2016-01-22 Editorial AG Conference Call)

  • Current FSN naming conventions result in "non-user-friendly" descriptions. Creation of another description without the semantic tag adds no value
  • Many existing FSNs would be ambiguous without the addition of the semantic tag.
  • Users often do not request "preferred terms" so rely on editors to provide appropriate descriptions.
  • Historically, many FSNs were glorified preferred terms
  • This is an issue that only affects English versions as translation provide terms of use in their languages
  • Challenge to editors is when to create a different preferred term if the FSN term is not user-friendly.
  • This has an impact on acceptance of word order variants as preferred terms.


  • Semantic tags provide value in disambiguating concepts in different hierarchies with the same description (e.g Swab (physical object) vs. Swab (specimen))
  • Current FSN naming conventions do not always provide user friendly descriptions, so duplication of these descriptions adds no value.
6Action item reviewEAG

Space Actions

Not addressed at this meeting due to time constraints

7Potential agenda topics for Wellington meetingJCA

We are meeting for a full day in New Zealand. Need substantive topics to move forward.


  • Solicit additional agenda topics for Face-to-face meeting
8July conference call date and time verificationJCA

JCA is traveling or on leave from July 18 - Aug 6

It was suggested that we consider having two calls in August. EAG members were asked to provide comments on the feasibility of this on the meeting page.


9Additional itemsEAGNot addressed due to time. Meeting was adjourned at 11:58 am PDT. 




  1. Hi Jim,

    I will be on holidays that week. I would appreciate to be able to listen to the recording when I'm back. Thanks. Linda

  2. Hi Jim,

    Bruce has done some additional testing and analysis for Allergy to X modeling and suggested adding it to the Editorial AG agenda. Could that topic be added to the Editorial AG call? If the agenda is too full I can set up something separate.



  3. Toni,

    Added to the agenda for the meeting.

  4. The recording of this meeting is now available from the recording folder:

  5. Jim, thank you for the recording and the Proposal document on Lateralization.

    I have 2 comments:

    1. On page 8, where you explain the two possible approaches, you mention that new body structures would be added for left, right and entire. The is no mention here of bilateral. I think this should be added since there will be some new concepts that will be required for that representation and you also mention the need for bilateralization in other places in the document.
    2. Your proposal document with its sections (all blue headings) is very well done. I would suggest this would become a template that other AGs could leverage for summarising discussions and documenting the final decision. I would only enhance it by adding 1. a clearer heading for the 'Final decision'. I would reflect the date of final decision in the grid you have on page 1. 2. add page numbers.
  6. Linda,

    We will not be adding any "bilateral" anatomy concepts and we have a plan to remove existing bilateral terms in favor of using two role groups, one with left and one with right to represent the bilateral involvement of a disorder.  The proposed model will allow for an effective modeling and improved inference of bilateral findings and procedures as well as cleaning up an area of the anatomy that requires too much maintenance.

    Thank you for your kind comments about the document.  I think we could clean this up, add the proposed sections you mention and make it a template for the EAG.  I am not sure of its usefulness for other AGs (you may have more insight on this than I do...)

  7. Hi Jim,

    True enough that bilateral anatomic structure does not make sense. I think I wanted to make sure that you would not exclude in creating of new (finding and procedure) concepts, the ones that would be bilateral. These would also be included in core if requested. is that correct?

  8. Correct, bilateral concepts will be included as both right and left

  9. I saw many bilateral concepts that are modeled using 'Structure of bilateral paired structures (body structure)'. Are these the ones you want to change?

  10. There will all be remodeled according to the new editorial policy as we clean up the anatomy.