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Hi Ian Thanks for an informative meeting the other day. As 2016 is coming closer and we Members also have to plan our work and resources, it is very important that we get an insight into the immediate plans of the various projects that the IHTSDO is planning concerning content development. We have to analyze the impact on e.g. our translation, national releases etc. I expect the IHTSDO must have project descriptions containing what is to be done with the single projects within e.g. the next six months – before the next release – and in all of 2016. I believe it would be very valuable for members of the CMAG (and possibly others) to know the immediate changes planned within each of the projects in your Powerpoint slides 8-16. Perhaps this information is already available and I have not been able to find it. In that case, please point me to it. Best wishes Camilla

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  1. Hi Ian/Camilla

    This was a very timely comment as I was just about to post a comment following a discussion with our UKTC Edition Committee. The Content Roadmap was presented and the feedback on that was similar in that although it was received favourably there was some criticism in that it did not give enough indication on likely timetables for completion of many items and also that the detail was somewhat lacking – ie exactly what anatomy content is being developed in 2016 as opposed to what might be planned for 2017.  If members are planning concurrent activity in similar areas it would help with planning.  I'm aware there are Project Charters for some of the activity but not sure how widely these are available.  I think this supports our discussion to have the Roadmap and also the Workplan in an easier to digest format and ideally interactive so people can click and drill down into the detail.  But any more detailed information you can point us at to share in the meantime would be very useful.

    Best wishes

  2. Hi Ian

    I am so sorry about my poor network access at the CMAG meeting yesterday that prevented me from hearing much of what was said and also to comment. Of course I do not expect to be able to find yesterday’s meeting recording at Confluence yet, but I do not seem to be able to find any recordings of previous meeting either.

    If I had been able to contribute to the discussion yesterday, I would have said that from a DK perspective we will be happy to get more detailed information about the Content Roadmap. What I think is relevant at this point in time is e.g. the sub-hierarchies that IHTSDO plan to work with within the next six months (if sub-hierarchies are the way you work), the number of concepts that you expect to change, the nature of the changes and perhaps other types of information that you can think of would be useful for Members.

    The technology previews I believe, are at the other end of the food chain when you have made the actual work and want a sort of QA of the content, or parts hereof, that you have developed. This too is of course interesting, but not what I initially asked about. I think we should start with whatever info you can give about your work plans for the coming six months and then we can see how it works. If it is too little, too much or something else than we expect. And it is a fine idea, if it can be linked from the Roadmap.

    Best wishes