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SNOMED CT has inherited a large number of 'administrative' concepts from the contributing clinical terminologies, Read Codes and SNOMED RT. Due to the very nature of health care administration this content reflects the processes and procedures inherent within the local national health and care systems and in many instances it is not possible to share these administrative concepts across international boundaries.

The international release of SNOMED CT should only contain those concepts which share an unambiguous and internationally agreed meaning. Where this is not the case the concepts should either be inactivated or returned to those individual realms where the concepts are used and have an agreed national meaning.


The objectives of this project are:

  • To identify those concepts currently within SNOMED CT International Release which are considered to be 'administrative' concepts
  • To identify within the above set of concepts an agreed sub-set of administrative concepts which are semantically interoperable, have an internationally agreed and unambiguous meaning and provide an agreed definition.
  • For those concepts which are agreed as being ambiguous and/or are only applicable within an individual realm propose a suitable timetable for inactivation and/or return to their appropriate NRC.
  • Propose a suitable high level structure of concepts which will form a part of SNOMED International and be available to individual NRCs to create their own realm specific administrative content.

JIRA:  CMAG-7 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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