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The purpose of this briefing note is to inform the Member Forum (MF), Content Managers Advisory Group (CMAG) and the Clinical Leads Group of the proposed resolution of the Evaluation procedure vs Observable entity issue recently agreed by the Senior Management Team (SMT).

Any comments or questions related to this proposal be submitted to the Chief Terminologist ( by September 15, 2023.


Relevant documents

Final outcome: 

2023-10-23 SNOMED Editorial Advisory Group - Face to face meeting - Minutes from meeting yet to be updated but recording currently available. EAG decision was to enhance the Evaluation procedure hierarchy to better support ordering.

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  1. I've submitted my feedback directly on this. But some concerns I had was that this briefing note only appears to have gone to CMAG and the Clinical Leads group.
    Also, I think it'd be great if feedback was more public, openly discussed, as a matter of transparency. There seems to be fewer active (public) discussions than ever before (not just this group) so members have little insight into each others views. As a community, it'd be good to have visibility of any issues or agreements we all might have.

  2. Thanks Matt Cordell 

    The BN was sent to the EAG, MF, CMAG and Clinical leads groups. The intention was to get input from our associated groups first and then go out with a more informed proposal after considering that input.  Because the proposal has such a broad impact on users, we would want to give the community plenty of time to review and respond.