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The results have been presented in order of the priority assigned (using the average of the results).

The green rows are issues that already have an assignee. 













IHTSDO-959Update of the allergy-hypersensitivity model3.00N/A3.002.332.780.67In construction review so most of the work has been done in this high priority area.   
IHTSDO-50artf6164-Qualifier value hierarchy3.00N/A2.672.332.670.67Also consider post coordination uses in this area  Qualifier values are threatening to be used wrongly in postcoordinations. Because lot of qualifier values don't have an attribute to be used with, they actually are kind of useless. Review of this hierarchy has defintively should be done 
IHTSDO-997Surgical procedures which are not subsumed by | Surgical procedure | due the the target value of the |Method | attribute3.00N/A2.332.332.560.67If large scale changes need to bear in mind implementer issues.   
IHTSDO-175artf6226-Implantation, grafting, surgical insertion2.67N/A2.672.332.560.33    
IHTSDO-52artf222303-Missing qualifiers / incomplete modeling and related issues with Qualifiers Acute & Chronic2.67N/A2.672.332.560.33   154=52 ?
IHTSDO-154artf222313-Issues in the hierarchy of qualifiers for acute and chronic2.673.002.002.332.501.00Other issues relatedHigh priority 154=52 ?
IHTSDO-407artf6299-Frequencies and Courses: recurrent, relapsing, continuous, intermittent, daily, etc3.00N/A2.332.002.441.00  also on other tab407=303 ?
IHTSDO-323artf6265-Frequency and course3.00N/A2.332.002.441.00Relates to issue above Overlap with above?407=303 ?
IHTSDO-650artf235751-Review of content using the Method attribute with the value Replacement- action3.003.001.672.002.421.33 This is waiting for a long time. Should be done asap  
IHTSDO-799artf6333-add idiopathic as a value for PATHOLOGIC PROCESS3. part of IHTSDO-558Very large related other RFC's. I think this one should be split into smaller chunks.  
IHTSDO-916artf6361-create new Technique (qualifier value) hierarchy3.002.671.672.002.331.33 Pre-requisite for Observable Entity project Combines procedure attribute values + Observable dependency  
IHTSDO-584artf235663-Review of Units of Measure concepts3.002.671. Important to support the Drug work on its way Low value now, but with the improvements to drug model, the quality here becomes more critical
IHTSDO-99artf6185-Descriptor qualifier values1.33N/A2.001.671.670.67I checked a few of these and couldn’t find any being used as vlaues.  But looks like it is being dealt with by Yong as in construction so hopefully retirering   Probably low impact, but easy cleanup of terminology. Inaccessable content.
IHTSDO-488artf221593-Value set for sites of adverse reactions1.672.331.331.001.581.33Relates to largerr project, only one implementation and content not used.  I'd say most "value sets" alone, should be descoped from international work Request sounds like it's after something similar to laterality values..There's a palmar/dorsal content already. 
IHTSDO-220artf6300-Physician service (procedure) vs. Healthcare services (qualifier value)1.332.671.001.001.501.67 This is part of the basic information shared amongst healthcare providers = referral to a service… should be fixed asap since it is a mistakeTerminology impact for the model for referral is larger 
IHTSDO-961Reflex reduced concepts1.67N/A1.331.001.330.67This could be a fast track as involved less than 20 concepts and little implementer impact I would think.   
IHTSDO-758artf222315-Review "Transitory" in the qualifier hierarchyN/A2.'t really work this one out as seems like an appropriate subtype of 424572001 | Clinical course with short duration (qualifier value)How used is this data?  
IHTSDO-206artf227299-Request for concepts to represent world currencies1. Very low priority this is totally non-clinical (administrative). Out of scope international. Unless there's an international requirement ditch. Either leave it for an extension or some other codesystem.
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