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Draft of wording to request input:

Dear Member Forum Representative,

As part of the 2017 workplan SNOMED International is focusing on progressing a number of the content issues that currently sit on the IHTSDO Content Tracker.

These are content issues are outside of the scope of the specified workplan projects e.g. the Drugs Project but are areas where there is a need to correct or improve the content.


  • Review of sub-hierarchies of content to support improved modeling.
    • Review of the hypothyroidism hierarchy
    • Review of the modeling of seizure concepts. 
  • Determining how types of content should be modeled.
    • There is a need to develop a model that supports the creation and management of content where a finding or disorder in the fetus or newborn is due to a finding, disorder or procedure undertaken on the mother. 
  • Review of the attributes and values that support the defining of content
    • Analysis of the attribute |Using energy| that was added to the Procedure concept model in 2007 but has not been fully applied to the Procedure hierarchy. 

To support the undertaking of this work the Content Managers Advisory Group is assisting in the prioritization of the open issues. As part of this work they are seeking input from Members to determine where the focus areas should be. 

Please note you are not being asked to look at every content tracker issue rather you have been provided with a list of focus areas where content work has been identified e.g. the cardiovascular system, and asked identify up to 5 areas which are of high priority for your country and up to 3 of medium priority.  For the areas identified as high priority, if there is a specific sub focus e.g. Heart disease, please just add a brief note in the comments field. 

We would appreciate if you were able to respond to this request for information by 14th February 2017. If you don't have specific priorities or will not be looking to provide a response would you please advise this. Responses should be emailed to the CMAG co-chair, Cathy Richardson via 

Please note the information on content requests being held up by content tracker issues is being gathered separately but that information will also contribute to the prioritisation.

If you have further questions please post them on this discussion page. 

Thank you for your time and input.


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  1. Hi Cathy,

    The wording looks fine, I think, but shouldn't the list of relevant tracker issues be provided in a link or otherwise? 


  2. Hi Camilla

    We will be including a spreadsheet for representatives to complete. It's currently in development. The focus will be on clinical areas rather than tracker issues themselves. I have removed the tracker ID's from the draft above to prevent confusion. 

    Thanks for your feedback.