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Hi Elaine,
I have a request with the IHTSDO about the concept above. My argument is that the meaning is too narrow as all sub-concepts are activities using the toilet. I think toileting is a broader term that includes dressing, grooming etc.

The answer from Penni is:
"Here in the US it is used in that context, but I think in the UK and perhaps Denmark is has a broader meaning as you point out. Do you have a reference that would have a definition that might be more International?"

I do not have the reference that she is asking for, but thought that you might have or that you are able to support the broader meaning of the concept in which case we probably will need a concept to express this.
Best wishes,

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  1. Hi Camilla

    In the UK toileting is also used most commonly in its narrow sense of assisting someone with using the toilet.  Toilet (without the "ing") however is used in SNOMED CT (and the UK) to also describe cleansing activity, when in a medical setting, as per Stedmans medical dictionary:

    toi•let     (toy-let′)
    1. Cleansing of the obstetric patient after childbirth.
    2. Cleansing of the surface of a wound after an operation preparatory to the application of the dressing.
    3. In dentistry, cavity débridement, the final step before placing a restoration in a tooth whereby the cavity is cleaned and all debris is removed.
    [Fr. toilette]
    examples include -232698006 |Airway toilet (procedure)|, 225268005 |Vulval toilet (procedure)| or you will see "toilet" used as a synonym on some cleansing/irrigation type activities.
    I'm not sure there is any instance in SNOMED CT of toilet being used in the sense of the alternative meaning (Oxford English dictionary) - The process of washing oneself, dressing, and attending to one's appearance.  But perhaps the answer would be to have your description as a synonym with an FSN along the lines of Personal hygiene activity?  Worth further discussion with Penni I would think and perhaps an opinion from the Nursing SIG.

    Hope that helps and please come back to me with any further queries.
    Best wishes 
    1. Thanks Elaine. I'll see how I can get along with this. We have just had a meeting with a representative from ICN and perhaps an answer can be found here too. Nursing SIG is a good suggestion.