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I'm struggling with the clinical differences and the differences in modeling between injury, wound and lesions. For example 'injury of breast' vs 'wound of breast' vs 'breast lesion'.

Thank you for pointing this out.

Kind regards, Katrien

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  1. Hi Katrien Scheerlinck , Will come back to your shortly with a response on this. Kind regards, Cathy

  2. Hi,

    Thank you a lot.

    A clarification would help us, also in translating these terms in a more homogeneous way.

    Kind regards, Katrien

  3. Hi Katrien Scheerlinck , This is a complex area. We do have an open tracker on the topic: IHTSDO-527 - Getting issue details... STATUS Please add yourself as a watcher. I'll follow up further internally. Cathy

  4. Hi Katrien Scheerlinck , Jim has commented on  IHTSDO-527 - Getting issue details... STATUS . If you've further questions on this specific topic would you place them on the tracker. Thanks.