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The purpose of this briefing note is to inform the Content Managers Advisory Group of the plan to inactivate the subtypes of 372148003 |Ethnic group (ethnic group)| and 415229000 |Racial group (racial group)|.

Comments on this plan should be submitted to Cathy Richardson ( or by 21st September 2023.

Please note:

  • the feedback period has been extended from 7th September to 21st September. 
  • a new version of the briefing note has been uploaded given the query on inactivation of an international concept within an extension. See the comments section on the Ethnicity/Race subhierarchy discussion page. The update notes: Where a concept is relevant for use within a specific country, a new concept representing that meaning should be created. Reactivation of the international concept is not recommended.


Relevant documents

Ethnicity/Race Subhierarchy 

Final outcome: 


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  1. Hi, this topic is not relevant to the Swedish context and inactivation of these concepts would not have a major impact for implementation. Nonetheless, we understand the necessity for inactivation these concepts and thereby we support your action.